25 Cents A Day

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Welcome to 25 Cents a day. This wiki is an organizer for school groups and others to connect with each other. We will be keeping a tally of the funds raised and watching all of us help others around the world.

The idea of 25 cents a day is to get students to find a quarter a day and contribute to a charity. Each student will use their own money for this event. It is not the burden of the parents to find the quarter, the student is in charge. They could use part of their allowance, not go to the canteen for an extra juice.... not go out to the corner store for a Slurpee. When students become philanthropists they are on the right path.


Create a new page from the top of the wiki. Title it after your school or class. Use this page to keep track of how your project is doing.


Sargent Park

For classes at Sargent Park we are starting on Monday November 29th and going until December 23rd. We will ask the students to contribute every school day.

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